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Why can't they hear you?

Because I'm Russian and the other is a cocasian white. Plus the presented picture that they use script left not to damage my program. My nieghbor witness in that time. They know there own heart they are crook. that's why stay in business. If don't give up my business ,I would still have it until now. I'm not crook like they are.if I need to pay I pay what ever to satle in peace of. My mind. my self conscens would kill me if I do like they do. I can win if I have a layer. But it's not worth it is not big money. That's ok all I have to do is work over time with in two weeks time I'll get my program fixed. Or maybe! Consider a new one. I'm planning to get a bigger program anyway. The only my thinking now, i don't want my self to be tight of expenses I'm in my middle building a house. Close to the beach. I already have in Port Mey but in the city. I'm going to sell it as soon I get a chance to get there this one that my brother me to organize is better erea and safe for me. specially when I have some body with me. That's is what my brother advice. I'm ok, I will survive.