SCEC Request for Assistance in Testing Accurate Earthquake Prediction Technology

Southern California Earthquake Center

Hello. My name is Boris D. Yarovoy. I am a Russian information technology specialist, the author of an online technology for accurate prediction of the strength, place and time of earthquakes based on the analysis of animal behavior TRON (Technology Real-time Online Nucleus). And I ask for your help in testing the prototype of this technology.

TRON testing does not require any additional technical means. For a representative sample, participation of 100 people is sufficient, satisfying the following conditions:

  • Seismically active location.
  • The presence in the economy of various animals, primarily fish, amphibians, reptiles.
  • Internet access.

Previously, I asked for help from Russian scientists (Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences), but they are ready to cooperate only on the fact that they have a successfully functioning predictive model. I do not have my own resources to create such a model.

If my idea turns out to be wrong (and with it the patent issued in Israel No. WO/2008/053463) you can put an end to the narrow-minded rumors that animals have the ability to predict earthquakes in the short term. If I'm right, we'll share the Nobel Prize with you. And your children will tell you: THANK YOU,

Sincerely, I will wait for an answer.
Boris D. Yarovoy.

PS. Our time difference: 18 hours.
For example: Los Angeles, Wednesday 17:00 - Vladivostok, Thursday, 11:00.

P.S.S. I do not speak English.

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