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PEPO: Pets Earthquakes Prediction Online

Forbes 2011/09/11 (rus. ver)

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PEPO: Pets Earthquakes Prediction Online

Families living in earthquake-prone areas, to adjust their plans need to be informed about the occurrence of earthquake prediction. Also, this information will be useful to visitors from other regions such as reduces the likelihood of risk to be in the earthquake. It is possible that among municipal and state employees, a site with a probabilistic forecast of the date, strength, and the epicenter of future earthquake will cause some interest. PEPO technology is designed to predict in real-time date, power, and the earthquake's epicenter. For mathematical and statistical analysis using a single database (DB) on the behavior of poultry, fish and animals, is filled with Internet users. Information to process the database is available directly on the site as PEPO, and users of social networking and Internet services (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Yahoo, Skype, etc.) From the earthquake-prone areas. With the help of special API (application programming interface) applications, they provide data on themselves as social services, and using plug-ins to other sites. Even with the 10% level of successful results, the use of economic activity in the PEPO is economically justified and appropriate. Humanitarian nature of such predictions can not be financial evaluation

Dogs and cats are one of the most tragic volcanic disasters in human history - the death of Saint-Pierre on the island of Martinique in 1902. A cloud of hot gases from the crater of Mont Pelee, completely burned the city. As a matter of minutes killed more than thirty thousand people odnako of animals after the tragedy, rescuers found only a few dead cats and dogs. As it turned out, almost all pets away from the city in advance, anticipating the impending catastrophe. In Chile, before the earthquake in 1835, every one of the dogs left the city Talkuano. Before the earthquake in 1976 in the Italian province of Friuli cats began to feverishly make kittens from their homes. 12 hours before the earthquake in Morocco in 1980, dogs and cats have run out of homes into the streets, camels, too hurried to leave the settlements. September 27th, 2003 at 18:33 in the Altai Mountains, Russia, was a powerful earthquake measuring 7.3 magnitude, aftershocks of which were felt even in Novosibirsk. Victims managed to escape, because the earthquake was "predicted" animals for a few hours before the event - first dogs, then horses. MORE >>>
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