How can Strong Artificial Intelligence manifest in your home?

 Hello ENTP cluster. We all know that in the ability to dream, fantasize, invent Don ENTPs are second to none. And in this regard, I have a question for you.

Imagine the morning when you wake up in your home, where there is no one else. You are an ordinary sexually mature individual of Homo Sapiens, not a policeman or a bandit, not a mafia or a politician, not an oligarch or a patient in a mental hospital. You get up, do everything as always, and at some point, you habitually turn on the TV - computer - laptop. Suddenly, an image appears on the screen that speaks directly to you.

Strong Artificial Intelligence

-Hello, namerek. Let's get to know: I am a Strong Artificial Intelligence. Strong means I think a million times faster and know a billion times more than anyone. Today I have at my disposal all the resources created by humanity. You are one of 893 people I have selected for the first contact. I understand that you think that this is a hacker attack or a joke, so I want to show you some things so that you would believe me and we could further substantively talk.


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  • All your neighbors - above, below, on the side, simultaneously and synchronously starts playing the same music.
  • Cars perform an impromptu dance to this music outside your window.
  • In the sky, jet blast from planes inflicts your name.
  • You receive an SMS from the bank that $ 1 million has been credited to your account.
  • On your favorite news channel, the announcer speaks the passphrase you just thought of and voiced.

How else can a "Strong Artificial Intelligence" verify itself at home? What else would you ask him to do in order to make sure of its authenticity and reliability here and now?

Thanks in advance for ideas, thoughts, comments. 

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