4th July - Independence Day of the USA

 America. Congratulations. Warm Komsomol youth greetings to you from the other side of the Great Ocean! They are constantly trying to convince me that America is the enemy of Russia. Not loving America means being a good, correct patriot. It becomes an axiom and interdependent phenomenon.

And who will heal me out of sadness and give me hope? A courtyard punks proud of the victory of the Pechenegs over the Polovtsians? Businessmen of the police club, who rose from their knees above everyday life, but did not see the stars of life? I recognize zealous boasters by other people's exploits, but no.

I am very glad that there is America in this world. Personally, she never did anything bad to me. Yes, and you too, if, of course, think with your own head, and not other people's fears - horror stories. I do not listen to all sorts of lightly salted shkets with their sufferings, wringing of hands and swallowing fire, "the king in the head" and other old forms of fresh nationalist idiocy.

But I love America. Love her burger and Pink Floyd. Silicon and Silicon Valley. I love her for her respect and reverence for the very concept: "Dream". I love Hollywood, Texas, Alaska and Oklahoma, Idaho and Nebraska. For some there Manhattan, which in some places is very similar to Shinjuku.

"Give me your hand, distant comrade!" - as Steve Jobs once told me. With all my Slavic soul I embrace and congratulate all my friends on the other side of the Great Ocean!