- online technology for accurate earthquake prediction

 $ 100 million. In a day. Such economic damage is caused by earthquakes, and this is without the cost of human life. In the 20th century, earthquakes killed an average of 33,000 people every year. And despite all the progress in construction, creation and use of new materials and technologies, this figure in the 21st century has grown to 45 thousand. Only one disaster in Haiti in 2010 took the lives of 222 thousand people at once.
The basis of TRON technology is the ability of various animals, primarily fish, amphibians and reptiles, to anticipate earthquakes. By collecting information about changes in their behavior via the Internet, it is possible to accurately predict the strength, place and time of a natural disaster, which can reduce the number of victims by 90% and economic damage by 25%.
With the help of the Play4Wins team, I plan to launch IDO and sell 3% tokens at a discounted price to form a community interested in creating a working model of earthquake prediction technology. Although there may be other options - business angels, they exist, even in Russia.
Help me and your children will thank you.
Boris Dmitrievich Yarovoy. Internet entrepreneur since 1997. Certificate of e-commerce manager at MESI (Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics). Laureate of Internet awards "Sterkh 2006" and "Golden Site 2008". Author of TRON (Technology Real-time Online Nucleus) online technology for accurate earthquake prediction. I am happy to answer all your questions.    E-mail:

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