Vladivostok - сlavny that city on the sea, but far nashenskie.

Clavny that city on the sea, but far nashenskie.
Port - the capital and in Primorye, the center of all commerce.
Famous for its weather, crime and mayor.

Only m - o - p -s - water - 2 times .
Only m - o - p - e, washes the city
With all its three sides.

Basically, all the population - sailors and fishermen .
The rest are kept in the glove compartment cool trunks .
Ride in jeeps on the road between potholes and pits.


A smoke in the stairwell , "Ganja" guys .
Ponakuryatsya and " chase " and prevent dreaming .
Their fathers drink vodka at home and swear wives.


But the visiting tourists, strange things do not understand.
Here beautiful girls , all of them want to hug .
They really know their value them so just do not take.


And suddenly I was scared I was infected with AIDS .
And with a tourism meaningless insults .
And it will be no laughing matter when such jokes .
And say what fun it is " dead " from a prostitute .


And only the sea - water - 2 times .
And only the sea will wash city
Where he lived for so few years.
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