Lord, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing.

I look at these beautiful children. They are so beautiful and talented. And the more terrible that they sing about.

The theory of mass brainwashing. In those societies where the government supports increased control of the media and the education system and uses this control to carry out propaganda on a large scale, a powerful result can be the brainwashing of large parts of the population (see Manipulation of Mass Consciousness). This is especially effective when appealing to nationalistic or religious feelings, in conditions of low education of the population and limited access to independent and foreign media.

Genocide (from the Greek γένος - genus, tribe and Latin caedo - kill) - acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, any national, ethnic, racial, religious or other historically formed cultural and ethnic group as such by:

  • killing members of this group;
  • causing serious harm to their health;
  • measures designed to prevent childbearing in such a group;
  • removal of children from the family;
  • deliberate creation of living conditions, designed to complete or partial physical destruction of this group.

Fascism (ital fascismo from fascio "union, bundle, bundle, unification") is a generalized name for extreme right-wing political movements, ideologies and the corresponding form of dictatorial government, characterized by militaristic nationalism (broadly understood), anti-liberalism, xenophobia, revanchism and chauvinism, anti-communism, leaderism, contempt for elected democracy and liberalism, faith in the rule of elites and the natural social hierarchy, etatism and, in some cases, syndicalism, racism and the policy of genocide.

These gentlemen proceeded from the correct calculation that the more monstrously you lie, the sooner you will be believed. Ordinary people rather believe a big lie than a small one. This corresponds to their primitive soul. They know that in the small they themselves are able to lie, well, and it's very hard to lie, they are probably ashamed. Big lies will not even come to their heads. That's why the masses can not imagine that others were capable of a too monstrous lie, a too unscrupulous perversion of the facts. And even when they are explained that it is a lie about monstrous dimensions, they will still continue to doubt and will be inclined to believe that there is probably still a lot of truth here. That's why virtuosos of lies and whole parties, built exclusively on lies, always resort to this method. These liars are perfectly aware of this property of the masses. Solgi is only stronger - something from your lies so let him stay.

Adolf Gitler. Chapter 10 of the book "My Struggle"