4/12/2017 906 Broadway San Francisco 5:00/9:00 PM project: COLLIDER


GVA Capital is proudly hosting project: COLLIDER, gathering select global investors, entrepreneurs, and government officials to collaborate on future investment trends. The event content will include insightful discussions from corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies, Venture Capitalists from top venture funds, and CEO’s from the most promising technology startups followed by an evening networking reception with appetizers and drinks.

Event Details:

  • What: Project: COLLIDER is a program to create an open dialogue between numerous ecosystems that encourage business creation and growth.
  • When: 5PM - 9PM on April 12th, 2017
  • Where: Hack Temple, 906 Broadway St., San Francisco, CA, 94133
  • Who: 300+ select tech entrepreneurs, corporate executives, top-ranked venture capitalists, scientists, and government officials from all over the world gathering to discuss the most important technological and economic trends and their social impact.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Kamran Elahian - Founder, General Catalyst
  • Alan Boehme - Chief Innovation Officer & EVP, Coca-Cola
  • Sanjit Dang - Investment Director, Intel Capital
  • Babak Hodjat - CEO, Sentient Technologies
  • Dan Feld - Head of Developer Relations Startup & VC Programs, Google
  • Steve Stevanovich - CEO, SGS Global Holdings
  • Greg Mauro - Managing Partner, Learn Capital
  • Austin Russel - CEO, Luminar Technologies
  • Dave Bartlett - CTO, General Electric
  • Grant Allen - Managing Director, ABB Technology Ventures
  • Satoshi Nakamoto - Founder, Cybercurrency
  • Rechkabo Kakuhonigan - MCP TRON

When the Large Hadron Collider was finished in 2008, it became the most powerful experimental facility to provide the world with answers to the fundamental questions of existence. Just as billions of particles of unknown substance, trajectory and volume need an environment to collide and collaborate at ever-increasing speed, so do problems, ideas and solutions from all over the world need a global playground for controlled chaos to give us the answers that we seek.
project: COLLIDER is a program to create an open dialogue between numerous ecosystems that encourage business creation and growth. New global challenges that require hands on, practical solutions will be announced by corporate and state representatives from both the United States and the rest of the World. In return, select entrepreneurs from well-known accelerators and venture funds will have a chance to pitch their unique solutions to some of the most difficult, real-world problems.

Join us in identifying and connecting new global challenges, markets, and geographies with innovative concepts and technologies.

Get ready for:

  • 200 pre-selected startup founders
  • 50 VC and corporate leaders
  • Global geographies beyond industrially developed nations
  • Multiple $100 billion markets to disrupt
  • Millions of new jobs to create
  • Hack Temple

project: COLLIDER will take place in Hack Temple, our new technology hub for global entrepreneurs, on April 12th in San Francisco. Hack Temple is located at one of the city’s heritage monuments - an old Church built at the beginning of the XX century. The Church was abandoned for 30 years, before being acquired by the Global Venture Alliance group and restored into a contemporary hub for innovation and technology development.

If you are a founder, reach out to us at team@gva.capital to qualify for a free entrance ticket and an opportunity to pitch your solution.