Japan auto auction: Buying Is Simple with Exports Car - left hand drive O/D, MANU, POWER

For used car dealers looking to to buy from car auctions in Japan, Exports Car is the best partner they can hope for! Peace of mind is assured since Exports Car are the only Japanese car auction buyers who are both members in good standing of JUMVEA as well as being registered with global business risk analysts Dun & Bradstreet.

Car auctions in Japan are well known for giving car dealers access to the high quality, low mileage Japan used cars at excellent prices. Exports Car ccesses all 120 of these auctions to source cars for car importer customers around the globe. Over 4 million used cars pass through Japan car auction houses annually, giving Exports Car' customers an unprecedented breadth of selection and depth of quality to choose from. Bidding live on these cars is an art, which is why Exports Car' experience in bidding on thousands of cars can create a huge pay off for customers.

On the other hand even if bidding gets tight and exceeds the customer's budget, this unexpected cost is never charged to the customer thanks to Exports Car' “Never Over” price guarantee. This guarantee is unique among all the car auction in Japan buying agents – the others will just tell you to pay the extra amount and just be happy you have been able to get the car.

In addition to the direct assistance in bidding on Japan car auction vehicles, Exports Car also works closely with customers to ensure that all their concerns and questions are dealt with and the cars are exported as quickly as possible. As a company that focuses exclusively on used car dealer customers around the world, Exports Car staff are always working to get the best cars out to customers on the earliest possible ships. After all, the quicker these cars arrive, the quicker Exports Car' customers can sell them and come back to buy more. It's a clear win-win situation

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