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去年の3月11日なにしてた VICTIMS MAY BE LESS

March 11, 2011 Japan suffered a terrible disaster - the earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed more than 18,000 people , the economic damage amounted to about $ 300 billion , the consequences of the destruction of Fukushima nuclear power plant still worried the whole world . However, all these terrible results catastrophe could have been avoided if modern science could offer society technology short-term forecasting of earthquakes. Officially, this technology is not yet available to modern mankind , but there are people who disagree . An interview with one of these people , an employee of the Kharkov branch of the Institute Metapsychic research leader «Laboratory Internet Learning Ainur» Professor Rechkabo Kakuhoningen .

[B] Reporter . [/ B] Hello , Mr. Rechkabo . You claim that an accurate prediction of time, space and power possible earthquakes since 1995. Please tell us , based on what your conclusions .
[B] Rechkabo Kakuhoningen [/ B].
In March 2003, I published an article "The Internet - Wednesday functioning artificial intelligence ", where for the first time put forward the hypothesis that using the Internet can predict earthquakes . Subsequently , it is based on this idea was created technology TRON (Technology Real-time Online Nucleus), allows to accurately predict the time, location and strength of earthquakes in earthquake-prone areas of the planet , such as Japan , New Zealand , California. From a technical standpoint , this technology could start working with the advent of the Internet the first online networks , ie since 1995.

[B] Reporter . [/ B] And what is the basis of your unique technology, the secret of which can not open the best laboratories and universities around the world ?

[B] Rechkabo Kakuhoningen [/ B] For me personally, there is no secret , it seems to me that everything is quite simple and banal. Science since ancient times known fact that birds, fish and animals can anticipate approaching earthquake and volcanic explosions . If we talk about modern history, we can recall the 7 -magnitude earthquake in the Chinese city of Haicheng or Chuy 7 -magnitude earthquake in Altai, Russia . And there, and there managed to avoid significant sacrifices just as people reacted to the unusual behavior of animals. In Israel, even notarized fact the animals' ability to forecast earthquakes and proposed the creation of an international network of bio- laboratories in earthquake-prone areas . We went to other, more low-budget way - no laboratories , no special equipment or unique sensors - why? There are also pets who are fed and contain their owners . You only need to organize data collection , which are perfect existing Internet social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+. And then , with the stats as animals react in anticipation of weak earthquakes 3-4-5 ballroom , using modern methods of mathematical analysis is easy to calculate the time, place , and magnitude when approaching more strong earthquakes.

[B] Reporter . [/ B] Tell me, what kind of animals are best able to predict the approaching cataclysm ?

[B] Rechkabo Kakuhoningen [/ B] If we talk about the time horizon of forecasting, it is best to get it in fish , amphibians and reptiles. For example, an aquarium pet «Gnathonemus petersi» premonition of approaching shocks for 3 days . Another example: in 2009, the British scientist Rachel Grant from the " Open University " studied the behavior of frogs in Italy. Suddenly , in the midst of all the mating season , males abandoned their spawning and hiding . They returned only after the devastating 6 -magnitude earthquake in Aquila. In mammals, the ability in this respect worse , although there are enough facts known to science when dogs and cats left the city in anticipation of earthquakes or volcanic explosions . Particularly noteworthy seismic sensitivity in such large animals like brown bears . It is no accident the Ainu , the indigenous natives of Japan , kept them almost home vskarmlivaya milk for their women. I admit that such powers have and some people , though of course , they occur very rarely .

[B] Reporter . [/ B] And how exactly can still cost implementation of this technology ?

[B] Rechkabo Kakuhoningen [/ B] Cycling existing social networks , it all boils down to the creation of statistical and analytical center . As for the specific amounts , then forecasting in New Zealand , the annual cost would be about $ 10 million , and for example , in China, the amount may be much higher. If we talk about a unified international system under the auspices of the UN , the total annual budget will also be within 100 million Money certainly not small, but we believe that the presence of the forecast for 15 minutes before the earthquake damage leads to a reduction of 24.2 %, which recalculated for the same in Japan or California gives billionth savings. And how much is a decrease of 89.3 % in the number of human lives , I just do not know .

[B] Reporter . [/ B] Well, with the amounts settled, it remains to determine maturity . How much do you think it is necessary for the implementation of time such technology ?

[B] Rechkabo Kakuhoningen [/ B] It depends on where implemented. For example, North Korea is using the system «Kwangmyong» is able to implement it in a week. In Japan or China, it will take about a month . Existing social networks " Silicon Valley " of the U.S. cost of the introduction of switched API applications and solutions from a single browser is three months , while it will not be a national but a global system . Then it all depends on the period of testing of small earthquakes , and there certainly is more than a network , the faster the data will be obtained for an accurate prediction.

[B] Reporter . [/ B] Thank you, and last question : why such a simple and cheap technology is still not working?

[B] Rechkabo Kakuhoningen [/ B] This is a very difficult question , but I 'll try to answer it. In 2009, we began to actively promote our technology with today in fact more than a thousand applications to a variety of organizations and structures. Governmental organizations , in activities which are on the decline in global technology risks , they are primarily oriented to traditional science, which in turn has today narrowly specialized. What ever decision uzkoprofilnye assessment of the displacement amplitude of the vertical component P- waves is much more likely to get scientific recognition than TRON. Internet , animals , trigonometry class for 5 - too simple. The paradox is that on the one hand , our technology is beneficial to society , business, people. On the other hand , it is not beneficial to scientists , officials and public figures, who feed themselves and their families , in varying degrees, doing an impossible task of forecasting earthquakes. This assumption is not very ethical , but the last 5 years, I see this. And I'm afraid that TRON, is only the tip of the iceberg of global social conflict between those who need and those who can.

[B] Reporter . [/ B] Once again thank you for your answers and we hope that your technology is still someone interested in earthquake-prone areas .

[B] Rechkabo Kakuhoningen [/ B] Yes , hopefully it will happen sooner than a new claim the lives of thousands of earthquakes adults and children.