Suzuki Authentics Concept

Now that Auto Shanghai 2013 is coming to a close and all the new cars and concepts are bordering on old news, we’re going to wrap up our coverage today by tying up loose ends.

Suzuki unveiled their sleek new Authentics Concept at Auto Shanghai with a flashy press conference, complete with dancers and metallic, color-matching sheets. We’d already discussed this car before it was unveiled, anticipating a fairly standard sedan with nothing too impressive about it. However, now that we’ve seen the full design I have to say that my expectations are surpassed. The Authentics Concept makes me feel like “standard” isn’t such a bad place to be – the design is elegant, classy and more refined than the over-the-top concepts put forth by other Japanese automakers in Shanghai.

A little more information about the Authentics Concept… It’s officially confirmed for production by the end of next year, and will likely feature powertrain arrangements similar to the new SX4. You can watch a video for the Authentics below:

Speaking of the new SX4, we’d seen the new second-generation version last month in Geneva, but Suzuki also unveiled a refreshed first-generation model that will continue to be sold in China along with the new one.

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