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Auto auction Japan: from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Auto auctions Japan are a method of selling new, and most often, used vehicles based on auction system. Auto auctions can be found in most nations, but are often unused by most people, since in nations such as the United States, auto auctions are protected source for used car dealers. In other countries, such as Japan, auto auctions are well known and used, sometimes indirectly, by most residents.

Auto auctions Japan are the most popular method to sell used vehicles in Japan. Most customers are Japanese seeking a cheap vehicle to start with or replace their older vehicle. There are many also trying to sell their vehicles. Individuals though cannot directly use auto auctions, but must go through those holding auction membership. In Japanese law, only dealerships may become members to auto auctions. The way the system is set up allows people to have access to information, but keep the auctions orderly with only professionals actually able to bid.

A small percentage of the dealers that are members of Japanese auto auctions are also used vehicle exporters that most often use the auto auctions as their primary source of used vehicles. Other than these exporters, most members are used vehicle dealership that sell in Japan and are used by Japanese people to find a car they want.

In Japan there are over 30 well known auto auction groups and over 200 auto auction locations throughout Japan. Additionally, there are more smaller auctions held for specialized items. Furthermore, large amounts of cars in Japan are auctioned online, using various types of auction software. Auction inspection sheets allow buyers and inspectors to evaluate the worth of a car over such systems.



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