Kind Attention,
In agreement with the directive from IMF and World Bank, as well as the US Secretary of States who was on a State visit to Nigerian on August 9th 2012, the Nigeria Government, which I am the President have through the Federal Ministry of Finance and Federal Ministry of Justice handed over your payment file to the United States of America Consulate in Spain. In seeking for outright debt cancellation from the above-mentioned world financial bodies, they have directed that due to so much fraud and scams perpetrated against foreign beneficiaries, and the bureaucracy in paying you and others involved, that the United States Consulate should take charge of all outstanding foreign payments.
In view of this, I want you to note that your file is now with the Consulate of United States of America Spain, and you should contact them. As the President, I want to inform you that there is no other office or individual (his/her position in the government notwithstanding) that is directly or indirectly in-charge of your payment. Therefore you are advised in your own interest to STOP further contacts with anybody or office with regards to your payment. We have instructed all banks, government offices previously involved in your payment to stop forthwith and you are ask to stop communications with them as well. Even though investigations revealed that you have been contacted severally by some impostors claiming to be government representatives or bank officials thereby luring you in spending youre your money, but I want you to stop further dealings with this people and concentrate on the directives as conveyed in this letter.
We do have so many beneficiaries that their funds were still not transferred, and due to mix up, a lot of data from some files may have gone missing. So you would have to provide your complete details to the Consulate upon request. The government and people of Nigeria are not going to be liable to any money you may lose should you defile this Presidential order. It is also very important to inform you that henceforth, anyone informing you that they are in charge of your payment outside the United States of America Consulate in Spain is doing so with an intent to defraud you, so continue communication with such person(s) or office(s) is at your own peril.
Below is the contact information of the American Consulate in Madrid, Spain as well as the contact person.
Mr. Darrell D. Schiebinger
Finance Director
Consular Section, Calle Serrano,  75
28006 Madrid-Spain
Do not say that you were not warned to stop further communication or contacts with any other outside the U.S Consulate in Spain. You are strongly advice to adhere to this order to avoid self blame hence am personally writing you.
Yours faithfully
Dr. Goodluck E. Jonathan (GCFR, mni)
President , Federal Republic of Nigeria.
NB, If yu have not reached them, contact them on the above email addresses or get back to me for further details.

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