For a country who has had its share of ups and downs over the past year, there is some good news on the horizon. The auto industry in Japan has increased its output for the first time since the massive earthquake.

The country who produces well known brands such as: Honda, Toyota, and Nissan have seen huge jumps in production. Just after the quake the country experienced a low in auto production, but things are turning around and the car companies specifically, Toyota is regaining the position as the world's number one automaker.

A worker assembles a Toyota Motor Co's new Corolla vehicle at a production line following a line-off ceremony in Ohira village of Miyagi prefecture
Although the year is not over, these figures are expected to increase along with production. According to Outcome Magazine, Toyota said output at its factories in Japan surged more than three-fold to 352,973 vehicles last month, while overseas production rose 64.8 percent in the period to 439,988.

While Honda Motor said its production at home skyrocketed 514.4 percent to 87,049 vehicles, while foreign output climbed by 112.5 percent to 264,614.

Nissan's production, meanwhile, jumped 94.0 percent to 85,734 at home, while overseas production rose 39.2 percent to 283,788. This increase in auto production is good for the economy and an increase in employment. Numbers such as these numbers can generate overall consumer confidence in Japan and around the world.

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