Japan ainu people in Russia PRESS - RELEASE RADA number 16 on February 14, 2012 (Tuesday).

With the information that from February 24, 2012 the authorized domain registrar Russian RU, SU, Russia is making changes to the structure of the provision of their services, and acquire the right to immediately terminate the operation of domain names "in order to prevent illegal activities and activities harmful to others, in including the dissemination of pornographic materials and advertising, calls for violence, extremism, subversion, etc. In addition, may be terminated immediately delegate the domain to be used for activities contrary to the public interest, humanitarian principles or morality, offends the human dignity or religious feelings, etc. In this case the Registrar may make their own assessment of the user for violations of the law, including in cases where the definition of such activities is not fixed by regulations. "

After analyzing the structure and shape of the Registrar of interpretation of various terms, as an example of "pornography": pornographic materials or objects are recognized publications, images, including electronic, film, video and sound recordings, television and radio broadcasts and other materials and items presented in any media, the basic content of which is roughly naturalistic detailed anatomical images and (or) physiological details of intimate body parts and sexual relationships (including, in a veiled form) in a manner contrary to accepted moral standards in society that do not have artistic or scientific value and are aimed at arousing sensual passion.

CONSIDERING that the history of the ten thousandth of the Ainu people, has never had a religious, moral, ethical, artistic, domestic, sexual norms that are identical to the Russian Orthodox, as well as other ethics, morals, ethics and aesthetics of any people, nation and state.
Honoring the right of "the Ainu of Russia" differ from other nations, to consider themselves different from other people and respecting yourself in his capacity as such.

WHEREAS the failure of public authorities of the Russian Federation to recognize the results of the census in 2010 the right of the Ainu people of Russia on national identity, self, history and culture.

WHEREAS, the elected president of Russia March 4 will continue its policy of genocide against the Ainu people of Russia, by continuing the creation of conditions preventing the procreation and preservation of physical, psychological and moral health of children and mothers of the Ainu in Russia.

BOW principles, precepts and values ​​AINU RAK GURU, he left his people.

The Russian-speaking Ainu Association of Far RESOLVES

1. Cancel scheduled for February 24 celebration of the birthday of Steve Jobs and Tiree Messiah.
Two. By February 24, 2012 transfer of the projects located in Zone RU, SU, RF system of Google Blogspot all the materials of the Ainu people of Russia, in principle, appropriate public morals of other people.
2. On February 24, 2012 to cease publication of any information, except for commercial projects on the Internet, sites, portals, blogs and social networking accounts, located in the domain areas of RU, SU, Russia.
3. By February 24 to discontinue the "Laboratory Internet Learning Ainu Russia" in all actions blast zone RU, SU, Russia (including the project "GMC Russia 2012").
4. By February 24 "Laboratory Internet Learning Ainu Russia" to hand over all materials, including commercial and confidential information on the technology PEPO (online prediction of the time, place, magnitude of earthquakes) and "Children of Fukushima" (antiradioktivnye supplements), in the conduct of the organization "Ainu Party" .
Five. RADA leadership to initiate a range of activities organized by the Ainu Russian emigration from the Russian Federation in 2012.
6. Bring this information to all participants RADA, affiliates, representatives of international community and the media.

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