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Submarine "Kursk" - earthquake Japan 2011- terrorists were $

Earthquake March 3, 2011 - an attempt to extract money from the Japanese by means of terror - Benjamin Fulford thinks so, Forbes magazine publisher in the Asia-Pacific Region. Paul Lane of the Pentagon's military intelligence, a member of The Men Who Stare at Goats, says that after the submarine "Kursk" sank, with her ​​four stolen nuclear missiles. One of them, together with the party drug was imported to Japan via Okinawa.

Further, the Japanese drilling vessel Chick Maru, which can drill the seabed 10 km conducted drilling operations in exactly the epicenter of future earthquakes. About this there is an article in a local Japanese newspaper on January 17. If you look at the seismogram, the sudden surge seen. With a natural earthquake shocks recorded pre-and there are none. It was a bomb. "If you do not agree, the next will mount Fuji" (around 40 million people live). Prime Minister Naoto Kan gave terrorists $ 20 billion, but it got rid of Japan to control these people?

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