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Earthquake prediction from Luke Thomas is a scam, weather vs. quakes

Based on weather, temperature profiles, and frictional heating, Luke Thomas of Jupiter, Florida predicts quakes with his WebsiteQuakePrediction.com. These quakes sometimes hit, and sometimes not.
Luke Thomas was seen on ABC7 in Los Angeles talking about how it is done, however the elements just do not add up. Luke Thomas is throwing darts at a dartboard and when one hits he calls it a success. There is no actual scientific evidence that surface temperature can affect the ground miles below for an earthquake. For a credible station like ABC7 to allow this interview to take place has crushed the credibility in the eyes of many.
Luke Thomas is a dangerous character to society when predicting quakes like 7.0 magnitude plus every day. A broken clock is right twice a day comes to mind when thinking about. Tons of e-mails have been received at the SCWXA, USGS, and many other weather and geological forecast entities of California. People are down right scared that his prediction of a magnitude 7.0 in the Greater Los Angeles area will come true this next week.
The SCWXA team urges all to discount this person's forecasts as false. He predicts the same thing, almost every few days on a so-called earthquake forecast and has scammed his way into the media.
Others that do predict quakes try not to put a large magnitude on it, due to uncertainty or experimental causes. In fact, Thomas' Web site does not have a disclaimer mentioning that this is experimental and most will not happen.
When it comes to earthquake predicting, no one person or Web site can do it with a 100% guarantee. We are more than likely to predict tornadoes by county than predict quakes. The USGS has released a statement as well showing Thomas' is a false prophet. Google Ads are also seen on his site and the SCWXA will be contacting Google to inform them of this scammer.
If a large quake does hit, likely it will be within the next year in the Greater Southern California area, however it will come without notice. It could come on April 15th, or it can come a year from now. The best advice anyone can ever give is always be prepared if you live in highly seismic zones.

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