Login online - passwords on the Internet

Login online - passwords on the Internet

When you are new to the internet at your disposal there is perhaps that email address. Yet you are talking in Skype. Thus, you use a maximum of two passwords to enter in your e-mail and connect to servers "Skype".

Over time you log on to your new website, make pages in the "Facebook", grounded in the services Google (there are not only mail, but instant messaging, social networking, etc.) begin to lay out the photos on "Picasa" . The number of passwords (and names for the input, that is your online alias) is growing, and keep them in my head pretty hard. Also, do not always manage to remember which password to any site concerns.

You can buy a pack of "sticky notes" written on them all the passwords and web addresses and stick to the wall. That should not do it! Personal information on a personal and to be hidden from prying eyes.

How can store all of the many passwords that are impossible to remember? For starters, you can try to make them not so many - experts recommend to choose to always use two or three fairly difficult to access, and "throw" the sites, where you were registered at random. You should not use the same password to access all your existing email accounts or social networking pages.

Login (name) and password - information that makes it clear that a system (eg, Internet site), that person really is the owner of the mailbox or the page. Username and password are most often written in Latin letters.Password Manager - a program that stores passwords and at the right time puts them in a form on the site.Popular password manager is RoboForm. Password Manager can also be in the form of the website - for example, KeyMemo.com.Secure password - a password that is difficult to find.

Login own hands

A small digression: what is sufficiently complex password? This is a password consisting of numbers and letters and symbols placed on top of the numbers on the keyboard. It is desirable that the letters were uppercase and lowercase. For example, a good password can be AKB48_ameba or SGJM1_26502 or similar to it. A similar combination of characters difficult to remember, but also to crack a password too easy. In no case can not be used for the selection of simple passwords, such as ainurakguru or 20110311. Hackers to hack pages or e-mail box, "protected" this password will take no more than a minute.

Help to create a complex password and be able to program, which will be discussed below. In addition, typing into a search engine query such as "online password generator", you'll get links to many online services that free you to come up with a good password.

Memory for login

But back to the topic of storing passwords. Programs that are available for free on the Internet, take the task of storing sensitive information on themselves. They remember names and passwords, and can, if necessary, self-insert them into the appropriate fields on websites.

One of the most popular programs to remember passwords - RoboForm. Once you install it and run, it will automatically connect to the browser (and to anyone if you use more or less recent versions of Forefox or Chrome) and will be automatically recorded in your memory the names and passwords that you enter sites. When you visit these sites you will not need to re-enter the username and password, because RoboForm will fill the fields themselves.

Besides the password, the program can store and other information that you typed in a line to enter at different sites. The data that is stored in it, you can protect the "master password" that is securely encrypted and will not allow criminals to steal your personal information. Furthermore, RoboForm can be run from USB-stick, so the passwords are always at hand.

Who and how to steal login?

Login, as well as other sensitive information stolen online dealers who use it for personal gain. For example, to obtain a password from the mailbox, you can send viruses or advertisements to unsuspecting recipients. And if in the hands of burglars would be credit card number, they can use it to buy anything, and the cardholder will be a long time to prove to the bank that he was innocent.

Steal passwords in several ways. The most common way is that the user fraudulently lured to the website, which looks very similar to the site of "Japan airlines" or "Bank of America" social network "Facebook" - for example: "VKontakte". There he was prompted to enter a password. After this personal information is sent to attackers.

So, before you enter the password for that site, make sure that it is a real site and not a fake. It's enough to look into the address bar and check whether the typed address. If it says ainurakguru.blogspot.com and so on, all right. If the address swapped letters, or it does not fit with what is written on the open page, the site must leave.

Another way to steal passwords - hidden on a computer running a "victim" of the program that tracks keystrokes to certain sites, writes the results to a file and sends a "master". Thus the criminals is about exactly where you enter a particular password. Such programs are detected antivirus software, so you just need to regularly update antivirus databases and perform a full system scan.

In addition, in the case of the above-mentioned program RoboForm is no need to manually enter the passwords, steal them using spyware also will not succeed.

Store passwords, not only on the computer and the server on the Internet. For example, the site offers KeyMemo.com storage of personal information. In this online store does not own passwords, and information about them in an encrypted form. It can only decode the "master" password, who knows the access code - the code without all the encrypted passwords are useless characters.

By registering on this site, you are in the private office, where information is stored on your passwords. There you can manage your passwords: view, edit and delete passwords, add new records, to determine the page where the acts or that password. In addition, you can get information about passwords, e-mail that this information is not lost. Use of the site is free.

By the way, all on the same site, visitors are given valuable tips on how to prepare and store passwords. I recommend spending a few minutes of your time to make your finding the Internet a safer place.

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