Yahoo company refused to provide their services for predicting earthquakes in the Sea of ​​Japan.

Yahoo company refused to provide their services for predicting earthquakes in the Sea of ​​Japan. Perhaps you or your organization are able to provide all possible help?The American company Yahoo has refused me free provision of their social services, for the prediction of earthquakes in the Sea of ​​Japan, with the help of technology TRON.The problem of earthquake prediction in Japan and China is very serious and social network allowed Yahoo to implement technology TRON for several weeks. With resources Yahoo, could also significantly improve the prediction algorithm and to determine not only time but also the strength and epicenter of future earthquakes. Now I'm looking for sponsors for continuing R & D and introduction of this online technology. I would be grateful for any. financial, informational and organizational assistance and support.

Technology TRON - «The Real-time Online system Nucleuc», to predict a variety of natural disasters on the basis of processing of data on the behavior of domestic animals. With the Internet, users provide information about the behavior of their pets. On the basis of the processed data set is given forecast of an impending attack of a crisis event in real time. Bank details.
Author technologies TRON: Rechkabo Kakuhoningen / BD Yariviy/ - Born in 1964, a native of Kazakhstan, the AinuHe graduated from the grant "Eletronnaya commerce" Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. In 1997, established "Vladivostok Center for Information Technologies," specializing in the development of commercial Web services and IT applications in e-commerceTrainee in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, "Human Resource Management."International Certificate Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Winner of the Internet competition "Golden Sterkh 2006" Project DAD - online car sales, category: "The best solution in the e-commerce." Laureate of the "Golden Site of Russia 2008" - the project brigades - the life of the Ainu people in Russia, the category "Science, Arts, Culture and creative projects of the Far Eastern region of Russia." Honorary member of the elite in Thailand. Currently living in Vladivostok, Russia.PS If you know people who might be interested in earthquake prediction technology, please send them a message. Ready to answer any questions. 

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