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Вы устали повторять Персоналу и Прессе одно и то же? Вы постоянно на связи с Поставщикам и Подрядчикам? Ваши Покупатели и Партнеры доверяют только Вам? Вы ищите свое призвание уровня миссии?  - пришло время завести личный блог в сети Интернет. 

Старейшее в СНГ IT предприятие "Владивостокский Центр Информационных Технологий" предлагает Вам наилучшее IT, PR и HR решение - блогпост системы GoogleЦена минимальная - от $99 Начните прямо сейчас - составьте список своих ключевых слов из предлагаемого списка:
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RёkLAMA КОРПОРАТИВНЫЕ ПОРТАЛЫ и ЭЛЕКТРОННЫЕ МАГАЗИНЫ. Разработка сайтов на CMS: 1C-Битрикс, S.Builder, MS SharePoint, UMI.CMS Zope, Joomla, Drupal. Интеграция с WAP сайтами и SMS сервисами. Опыт работы - 14 лет

BDY People Programs are geared to anticipate the demands and meet the requirements of the company's rapid expansion throughout the world. Our mission is to spread the word about 
BDY's innovation, impact and culture, and to encourage talented people to explore career opportunities with us. We help BDY's recruiting and HR processes work effectively, extol BDY's many virtues as an employer, engage in ongoing dialogs with university students and professors, and develop programs to promote and celebrate BDY's culture of diversity. as the number one employer in target communities and add value to engineering. As a University Programs Specialist you will be responsible for developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our target universities, along with managing technical outreach and projects Chiby-wide.


  • Some experience in recruiting, events, marketing, diversity or university programs
  • Experience in university relations or recruiting, preferably in multiple European markets, is a plus
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, fluency in English is essential; fluency in at least one other Japan language is a plus
  • Solid knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software (familiarity working with HR systems or applicant tracking systems preferred)
  • Must be willing to travel and work flexible hours
Собеседование: 2 раза в месяц по пятницам

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