Japan news and my mistakes yesterday, tomorrow in today Japan news Japantoday.

Japan news JapantodayJapan ignored own radiation forecasts from very beginning
The ancient people of the white people, "Ainu" does not deserve government idiots.

Japan news Japantoday: Japanese inventor develops flying sphere drone
 "Another inventor came up as to predict earthquakes. http://japanese-earthquake.blogspot.com/p/forecast-tron.html But he is not Japanese, he Ainu of Russia, so his invention in Japan do not need."

Japan news and my mistakes yesterday, tomorrow in today Japan news Japantoday.

Japan news  Japantoday: Japanese culture and dating
"He strength of the Japanese - the ability to give a fair assessment of the moral world around them. Japanese intolerant manifestations of evil and injustice in the relations between them. They know how to appreciate a sense of duty and moral principles, demanding of himself and others in matters of conscience and morality. They are able to gain the confidence, delving into the problems of the interlocutor, finding interesting for a topic of conversation. They are rarely wrong in assessing the relationship to his other nation. The Japanese people gathered, strong-willed and determined, if necessary, can stand up for themselves and their ancestors. They are dedicated workers, not regretting their forces to maintain order and cleanliness in the home and at work. For this goal they are moving aggressively, displaying integrity and uncompromising in defending their views and criticism of shortcomings. For integrity, firmness and seriousness of their respected and valued in many countries.
The Japanese tend to avoid uncertainty, because here their perseverance and patience do not work. "Better a horrible end than endless horror" - it is about the Japanese. In order to meet the interests of others, the Japanese often require them to display those traits which are not peculiar to them by nature. They do not tolerate the shortcomings of others and difficult to understand the underlying causes of phenomena. To avoid jumping to conclusions and decisions, the Japanese often resort to the advice of soothsayers and fortune tellers.
In an effort to emancipate their mind and get rid of stereotypes of thinking, they encourage the imagination with the most "perverse" for the European view manga. Not being confined to their framework, they try to actively communicate with the outside world, which gives them greater confidence in the special mission in Japan. Unfortunately, this often "outside contact" occurs only after retirement.
For the Japanese, is an issue the ability to create a relaxed atmosphere to talk to. In this paper, a team they prefer individual work and responsibility. The presence of many unknown people tiring of them. Therefore, they are often placed at the center of communication only contacts with the right people, which makes around a false impression of them as prudent people. Due to the internal constraint, they often seem far-fetched in the manifestation of their emotions - or too restrained, or vice versa, too outrageous and extravagant.
The Japanese tend to two extremes: excessive scrupulousness in official communications in B, on the one hand, and ease and debauchery - a small circle of "friends". The Japanese speak fluent manner, as a smile and a kind word to relieve tension and set the desired distance in communication.
**So I see the Japanese. But I could be wrong, because I Ainu of Russia.

I think the moderators are working in Japan news  Japantoday patients with head. The more I Japan news  Japantoday I will not write.

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