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Natural disasters - volcanic explosions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and bring enormous harm to humanity, it is enough to recall the recent earthquake in Japan, which took place March 11, 2011. As
a result, it killed 16,000 Japanese and Ainu, property damage, today hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars denominated. And this is not
the largest earthquake on Earth. March 11 tsunami reached 40 meters,
but for example in Japan the same, there is the legend killer waves
that sometimes reach a height and 80 meters - and the damage inflicted
damage they are to us today it is hard to imagine.

Today, humanity can not prevent these disasters. But if we can foresee
them, we can significantly reduce the harm caused by their consequences.
Imagine how much less would have been the consequences of >the
March earthquake in Japan,
if people plant Fukushima, at least
an hour had information about the future of the tsunami? - They
possess such knowledge, they could stifle the reactors and to prepare
the station to beat the elements. Captains would be able to divert
their ships away from the coastal waters and save his passengers.

VIDEO Maelstrom of a tsunami after an earthquake. Japan 11 March
matter how many lives have been saved if people know where, when
and how strong is an earthquake, volcanic explosion or a tornado?
Unfortunately, the human senses silent in these situations.
the animals
somehow anticipate future disasters
. In Chile, before the earthquake
in 1835 in the city Talkuano, all strays away from the city and
escaped. With the explosionof the volcano of Mont Pelee on the island
of Martinique in 1902 killed 30,000 people,residents of Saint-Pierre,
and only a few dogs and cats that are bound by their masters.In
China, February 4, 1975 in Liaoning Province, was a powerful earthquake,
which resulted in 90% of the destroyed houses. But before that,
local people drew attention to the snake, which suddenly woke up
in mid-winter and began to crawl out of their nests.For many it
seemed strange they left their homes. Snakes were frozen - the people
were saved.
sensitivity in different animals are different. For example, the
superintendentcrocodile nursery in Japan, empirically determined
that the radius of the sensitivity of the crocodiles - 150 km. Among
the most sensitive dog breeds miniature poodles and Ainu, and among
the big beasts of the palm to divide the brown and polar bears.
Wellanticipating earthquakes various fish, so a small aquarium fish
of the Nile, elephant feelsthe date of the apocalypse in 4 days.
And with each passing day, the fact that fish, birds and animals
somehow sense the coming blow of fate, modern science is becomingknown
more and more.
imagine a fantastic situation, that the inhabitant of a metropolis
in California, New Zealand, Japan or China, at home, live dog, cat,
or aquarium fish. And through the Internet, it can connect to some
sort of social network such as Yahoo,
or Facebook,
or Google
, where, among other services, has a special section for pet
owners. And that in addition to advertising in this section is a
special web form, where the resident America, Europe or Asia, may
indicate that his dog or cat behaves like something is not adequate.
Then you can talk about such boring and weird things like mathematical
statistics, cross-tables and algorithms of cyber-social systems.
Is it possible with the help of arithmetic to get the output forecast
of time, space and force the earthquake - would be a database for
the analysis of more.
Japan Sea, Russian Island.
Forecast earthquakes

find it hard to imagine such a service? Do you think this technology
is extremely complicated, very expensive and useless? - Congratulations,
you think as well as most of the official scientists, government
officials, managers of IT companies and venture capitalists. Today,
they also consider the technology "The Real-time Online system
Nucleuc" pseudoscience. So, tomorrow, someone somewhere will
again spend hundreds of millions and billions to eliminate the effects
of volcanic explosions, earthquakes, tsunamis. So, again tomorrow
tears and sorrow will be included in someone's home and family destroyed
by humans. And you can trust the instincts of our younger brothers,
and then our children will say we did not SAVE, but THANK

Creative Commons License

The Real-time Online system Nucleuc

by Rechkabo
is licensed under

a Creative
Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Based on a work at
beyond the scope of this license may be available at
the author
: Rechkabo Kakuhoningen /B.D. Yarovoy/ - Born in 1964,
a native of Kazakhstan, the
. He graduated from the grant "Eletronnaya commerce"
Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics.
In 1997, established "Vladivostok
Center of Information Technologies
." Center specialized
in thedevelopment of commercial
Web services and IT applications in e-commerce
. Traineein Japan
(Tokyo, Osaka) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, "Human
Resource Management." International Certificate Master NLP
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Winner of the Internet competition
Sterkh 2006
" Project PAPA
- online car sales, category: "The best solution in the
e-commerce." Laureate of the"Golden
Site of Russia 2008
" - the project "Interbrigada"
- the life of the Ainu people in Russia, the category "Science,
Arts, Culture and creative projects of the Far Easternregion of
Russia." CEO "16 TRON Ltd" Hong-kong Currently lives
in Vladivostok, Russia.

The author is grateful to all those who can afford to provide financial
information or assistance in R & D and implementation technology
of earthquake prediction - TRON - "The Real-time Online system

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