The translation service is excellent

I'm getting some really positive feedback about our auction sheet translation service I told you about yesterday.  Of course, you get these professional-quality translations for free when you are buying cars from us, but if you're not quite ready to sign up to bid and buy, the translation service is a great way to get a taster. Peace of mind is what Phil S. from Surrey in the UK was after as he looked over a car there that had been bought in Japan:

"Thanks for the extremely quick reply Stephen. Absolutely fantastic service. I guess you must have translated it over your bowl of cornflakes….or the Japanese equivalent! That has given me peace of mind to go ahead with the purchase. My gut feeling from viewing and driving the vehicle today was that it was in pretty good shape for the year, but I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything. The Japanese inspectors must be pretty good…I thought the interior was very good but I obviously missed the cigarette burns. Also very handy to know that it has aftermarket suspension on it."

Phil got his translation before he put down cash for his car. Damitha in Sri Lanka had already bought a car through the auctions, but the exporter he was using didn't tell him what was written on the auction sheet. (Unbelievable, right?) Fortunately, we were able to put his mind at rest:

"The translation service is excellent. Gave all the information I wanted. I will fully recommend it to anyone over here in Sri Lanka."

Best wishes



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